Select ERP

At ERPAdvice we provide professional and independent ERP System Selection services to ensure that the most suitable software solution and ERP vendor are selected to meet the exact requirements of your business. This also includes the deliver of the business benefits identified in the organisation’s business case for the project.

The key to selecting the most suitable vendor and software solution is to ensure that all the current and future business requirements are well documented and communicated to the potential vendors, so the they can formally respond to the requirements which in-turn can be evaluated by the selection team.

This works well when the requirement gathering is completed directly with the key users and business managers using process mapping tools that visually represent the desired new way of working within the new ERP system. All the requirements must be gathered, classified and shared with other key users and managers for validation and rationalisation before being issued to the vendors.

At ERPAdvice we have successfully completed over one hundred ERP system selection projects and have developed a best practice system selection methodology with accompanying team collaborative tools to assist in this selection process.

All of our consultants are experienced and qualified ERP selection project managers and can ensure that the most suitable solution and vendor are found to assist in ensuring the project is a success and reducing the risk of project failure.

Please contact us now to discuss your requirements and how we can assist your in your ERP system selection project.