Diagnose ERP

The first phase of any new ERP system selection project is to understand the feasibility and justification for the new system. This is due to the fact that the implementation of any new ERP system will take considerable time, resources and money with a significant risk of failure. Therefore, the Business Case needs to be well thought through with all the functional requirements, business benefits and new ways of working clearly documented and communicated across the organisation.

At ERPAdvice we have written over one hundred Business Cases for companies across many industry sectors and geographical locations and have worked in 14 countries on ERP system selection projects.

A good Business Case will evaluate the feasibility of the project, include all the business benefits, document the business requirements, review new ways of working, determine the potential closeness to fit of ERP solutions, provide an approximate cost of the implementation, determine how long the implementation will take, suggest what internal resources will be required, identify any known issues \ risks \ constraints and document any assumptions of the proposed project.

This service is very useful for companies who are considering an ERP system for the first time or looking to replace their current information systems, which may consist of a number of separate business applications or legacy ERP systems that the business feels do not meet the current and future requirements of the business.

All our consultants are experts in ensuring that any ERP project is formed and developed in the right manor, leading to a successful implementation that delivers the business benefits through the acceptable satisfaction of the business requirements within the agreed scope, timeframe and budget of the project.

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